The Swimming Carnival

On the 3rd of March, MPCS had its first major sporting event of the year, our annual Swimming Carnival.It was an amazing first experience for me . Everything went on schedule and and everyone tried their best.

There were different events for all ages,from individual races to team relays and there were the three famous first, second and third. The members of the four battling teams ( Chisholm, McArthur, Lawson and Banks) worked together and tried their absolute best. At the end of the day, Chisholm was the winner of the houses, Banks Came second, McArthur third and Lawson came fourth.

The forecast was set to be cold and wet and was promised to only get worse. The pool was an outside one and it was freezing when you got into it. Although the pool and breeze were freezing, everyone fought the cold.

I, myself participated in 3 events. They were the 100m Girls Open Freestyle, the 50m Breastroke and the Kickboarding Relay. I came seventh in the Freestyle, fourth in the Breastroke and my team of four came last in the Kickboard relay. I think that I did a good job with my swimming. I cheered my team and my sister on.

The Swimming Carnival turned out to be great and everyone tried their hardest, despite the fight of the weather. When coming back to the school, you could see from afar, the MPCS students walking tall and strong with colored ribbons clinging from their chests.

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