Spelling Story no.1

There once was a house on the beach located on the east side of the stream. A little girl lived there. Her favourite colour was green. She loved to spend her time in the study.

Her house was wonderful but occasionally, the stream would bleed with muddy goo that came from the wheat fields near by. So every weekend, she would get some bleach and tweed so she could clean it all up. It would take up most of the day because the job was tricky. She would screech at the snails that would climb up the house. They would cling to the house so they wouldn’t travel down to the shore. The snails would create a big heap on the wall, being at least 50 or so in a heap.

After cleaning the house, she would go inside and do her hobby, which was to copy some famous ballet acts. She would preach them until they were perfect. She was a very dizzy person so she would never have anybody to lean on when she was about to fall.

Edna 5/6B

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