Spelling Story no.2

There once was a priest who had a belief that he was sent to earth to achieve one thing, to capture the fierce thief that was on the loose.  John, the priest, had travelled through many tough and besieged cities to find this thief.

One day, John walked across a grassy field to buy a brief amount of diesel for his car. He suddenly heard, ” Hey chief, you over there, I think I heard a shriek from the top of the pier over there,”

“I’m on it dude,” John replied instantly. He ran home to quickly pick up the spectacular shield that he made to defend himself with.

Once he got to the top of the pier, he found himself standing face to face with the evil thief. He was trying to push a young girl off the top of the pier. He quickly took a piece of metal and with great grief, he threw it. He knew that this throw would yield him great happiness. The thief started to cry with grieve because his whole life flashed before his eyes. It reminded him of his wife and children before he became a thief. On the other hand, the priest still felt sorry for the thief but he also believed that he should be punished.

In the end, the thief recovered from his memories and soon, the priest and thief became best buddies. What a relief!!

Edna 5-6B

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