Seabirds Pay the Ultimate Price for Plastic Pollution

Seabirds and gulls are really paying the price!!! Off the coast of the Tasman Sea, birds are mistaking plastic for food. This is now effecting the reproduction of the seabirds and the way they live.

These pieces of plastic, when swallowed by birds, can tear internal organs and release toxics that cling to the plastic. One of these toxics are Mercury which can kill these birds. Dr. Lavers, the Tasmanian Museum, has observed in his latest survey that 95% of the birds nesting have plastic inside their stomachs. Scientists have found out that a big portion of the problem comes from the Northern Pacific Garbage Patch (a circular current storing garbage). Most of the marine life bring the plastic back to their nests where then the adult and chick slowly start to die.

This is horrible!!!! We need to stop pollution!!!!!


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