I am a Kidney

Dear Host,

I believe that I should stay in tip-top shape in your body. It may help the it in many different ways.

Firstly, I do an important job in the body. I clean out the waste from the blood and send it back to the heart. The waste is then turned into urine. I help the body by absorbing the toxic waste out of the blood instead of other parts in the body absorbing it.

Secondly, I am a big feature of the Urinary System. Without me, the Urinary System wouldn’t function properly because it wouldn’t have anything to absorb the toxic wastes in. The other systems would then be effected and the body would soon die. Some of the toxic wastes  kill most of the 10 systems in your body, which again, causes trouble for the entire body. All of the systems need each other, so if one is not functioning, the others won’t either.

Therefore, I have concluded that I should stay in a healthy condition because I separate the toxic wastes from the blood and I play a big role in  keeping the other systems alive.

From your body part,

Your Kidneys.

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