China Town Reflection

On the 22nd of July 2011, the 5/6’s of MPCS went to China Town in Melbourne as a part of our inergrated unit, a World of Difference. We did various activities such as a tour of the Chinese Mesuem, experiencing some great Chinese food and learning about the way the Chinese lived.

Everyone gained knowledge from this great experience. We learnt about the traditions, foods and the impact the Chinese have on Australian history. The Chinese had many traditions like foot binding. It is where they sooth the feet and then break the arch of the foot. They wrap it around with bandages and they are kept like that for the rest of your life. It is to show beauty and to show that you are allowed to get married (you would have to have your feet binded to get married).  It was an exciting time and I learnt about the life of the Chinese a long time ago.

I felt that I learnt many things from the day. Some major facts I learnt were that the Chinese played a big part in Australia’s history and the Gold Rush. I also learnt that men were only allowed perform in theatres. I also learnt that the Chinese dragon is a great guardian to the Chinese. Some understandings I learnt were that the Australians were very racist to the Chinese when they first came to Victoria. Also that the Chinese is very big on religions and traditions like some other Asian countries. This day left me wondering did the Chinese do much trade or business with other Asian countries.

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