Explorers Of Australia: George Bass and Matthew Flinders

George Bass was born in England (1771-1803). His friend to be Matthew Flinders was also born in England  (1774-1814). Together in 1795, they joined to battle the journey to New South Wales. Bass, the doctor of the HMS Reliance and Flinders, the all-important Midshipman.

Bass and Flinders shared the same interest, to explore. They explored Botany Bay and Georges Lake together. They became best friends. On their second voyage, they discovered Port Hacking and Lake Illawarra. They had also proved to Governor Hunter that Australia and Van Dieman’s Land (now Tasmania) are separated by sea.

In 1799, Bass resigned and in 1803, he sailed for Chile, South America. Unfortunately, the ship had disappeared and Bass was never seen again. Thsi was a very tragic moment for Flinders.

In1801, Flinders sailed back to England. As soon as he arrived, he was sent back to Australia and was put in charge of an expedition around the country, taking him three years to complete it.

After the expedition, he sailed in the Cumberland back to England. On the way, the Cumberland started leaking. He stop on Mauritius that was ruled by the French colony. At that time, the French were in a war with England and so the French thought he was a spy. They arrested him for six years.

In 1810, he returned and arrived in very poor health. Four years passed and Flinders died of bad health in 1814, aged 40.

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