Sue DeGennaro, one of a kind

On the 30th of August, as a part of Book Week, MPCS welcomed the great illustrator Sue DeGennaro! It was a fantastic experience and I enjoyed it very much. It was set to be in the Multi-Purpose Room at 10am and she was going to be talking about the illustrations of her books. Due to it being Book Week at the time, it was  perfect for the event to have taken place. She talked about many things, her passion, her ideas and mostly, her drawings. She gave us

Edna 1

an experience of drawing in a spectacular Drawing Session, despite the fact that it was a little bit rushed and not drawn precisly.

Her book Button Boy was the star of the session. From the book, we were asked to draw Button Boy and Grandma Wooly, some odd looking characters.  I felt very excited during her visit and felt like I learnt a lot from her drawings. She talked about her life as a teen and how she got to be a professional illustrator. She explained to us the details needed to draw a character like shadows, actions and facial expresions. The way she uses her style is amazing as she uses collage and recycled objects to create her drawings. She uses light colours like pale greens, reds and yellows. I was impressed with the way she used her materials and objects to create the illustrations she has.

The DrEdna 2awing Session we had was much fun! We learnt to draw the characters from the book Button Boy. Some other books she illustrated were The Tommorow Book, The Princess and the Packet of Peas, The Vegetable Ark and The Smartest Dog of All. We were asked to draw Button Boy and Grandma Wooly. It was awesome!

By Edna 5-6B 🙂


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