Term 3 Project

During the course of last term, everyone were determined to master a project on an area of exploration. After decieding for a long time, I chose to do a very unusual part in this field as I was in great interest of it. I worked officiantly and was amazed by the facts, discoveries and actions that have taken part in this area of exploration. This so called “short, sharp and sweet” project was assigned later in the term and was much shorter than expected as if time flew by as the days went on. We were assessed on our Word Document- that was to be handed in, and our presentation for bonus points.

Medical exploration has been one of the greatest fields of exploration both in a good and bad way. In the past, there has been many unethical behaviors in order to gain more profits, benefits and money. This has a big impact for the medical researchers as alternative medicine ties in with it. Alternative medicine and mainsteam medicine have began great conflicts whether or not alternative medicine has enough scientific proof for it to be called a way of healing. But, at the top of the list, the stakeholders of the medical reseachers are pulled together by different forces; some to learn, some to gain profits and some to get cures. These three areas of medical exploration were the baseof my questions; as we had 3 questions from our question matrix done prior to the project.

I felt very happy with my assignment and what I had in it. I felt confident with my information and resources. The only aspect I could have improved on was my presentation as I felt that it wasn’t rehersed enough. I could have improved it by practising at home in front of my family for the reason of getting used to talking to an audience.

During this project, I felt I learnt many facts, understood many things but was left with many questions. A few major facts I gained were that the stakeholders of the researches play one of the biggest roles in the discoveries. I also learnt that the pharmaceutical industries do a lot of unethical business as they are more interested in profit than in healing. Another fact I gained was that exploration is lead by different forces such as fame, curiousity, passion etc.

A couple of things I now understand that the alternative medicine is relied on traditions and culteral beliefs to heal. I also understand that in modern times it matters in the amount of money you have not how sick you are.

Lastly, this project left me wondering about why we won’t go back to the original, humane idea of medical exploration which is just simply to do good and heal.

To see my  full project, go to my Term 3 Project page.

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