Term 4 Project-Poem: First Write

This term, we are doing our intergrated unit on the enviroment but our literacy topic poetry is going to tie in. At the end of term, we are expected to write a poem on the environment.

Here is my first write (the writing we do at the start of the term to see where we’re at. At the end of the term, we do a final write to see how much we have improved on):

Look after the enviroment,
Keep our world clean,
Look after the enviroment,
Keep Australia green,
Things we use each day,
Add to earth’s pollution,
Recycling our own waste,
A friendly world solution.

Carbon tax, carbon tax,

An ugly thing in this world,

Recycle our own waste,

Before we all suffer,

Of the bad thing we call CARBON TAX,

Never have we experienced this horror,

The horrible waste from our industries,

A complication of the generation,

X-rays of the world in the future we’ll show.

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