Word Scramble

We have begun to dig deeper into literacy topic poetry and we are now focusing on our spacing and pauses between our lines. We were given the task to use coloured paper to write words under the following headings  (each colour being a different heading); nouns, adjectives, verbs, prepositions, colours, short words and endings. We were to choose one or two of each colour and to create a poem of it. We first did a poem without the spacing but did another one with it.  You will now see why it is important to have spacing between your lines as it changes the way you say your poem. Eliza and I worked together to create our poems and we confident with our task.

Poem without spacing:

The owl’s greet her over green.

Poem with spacing:

Green’s inconsiderate talk,
Over interesting Grey,
Annoyed him red,
Think soft say he,
Push hard.

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