Watermelon Juice May Be Next “Green” Fuel

During the coarse of last week, our class read four articles from the Our Cool Schools website. We were told to write a reflection on one of the four. The article that amazed me was about watermelon juice being the next green fuel. The reason why I chose article was that the whole idea surprised me and that the suggestion would actually help unwanted fruits and that we would have less fruit waste.

It started as a U.S government study being that the juice from unwanted watermelons could be the new source for producing bio fuel ethanol. Each year, one fifth of watermelons are grown with odd shapes and scarred rinds which displeases the consumers of the supermarket. So, the farmers have no choice but to leave the rejected melons on the vines to rot away. When some university students were experimenting with the juice, they discovered that there is a stream of sugary fluids in the watermelons that could be a new source of ethanol.

While reading this article, some major facts I learnt were that watermelon juice could actually be the next bio fuel. Another fact I learnt was that the sugary fluids in the watermelons could be the source to new ethanol. Also, one fifth of the watermelons grown every year are rejected by customers at the supermarkets.

Some understandings I now have are that people judge the watermelon’s  look and are put off  just because they are odd-shaped or something like that. Another understanding I gained was that because the customers are put off from the watermelons, they are left on their vines to rot away.


Lastly, this article left me wondering if any other unwanted fruits like the watermelons may be turned into bio fuel.

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