Colour Poem

During the coarse of last week, we were asked to write a poem on a colour.  I chose the colour green as we had the freedom to chose a colour of our choice. This poem was a little challenging at the start because it was hard finding the right words to fit in with the subject, but in the end, I manage to come up with completed poem about green.

Green is humble to the soul,
Green is the colour that makes a whole,
Green is the sunshine in someone’s heart,
Green is the colour that’ll never tear us apart,
Green tastes like the sweetest of green apples,
Green smells like the grass just cut on a grassy plain,
Green sounds like the chirping of birds in the forest,
Green feels like our world at peace,
Green looks like the most humble of all colours,
Green makes me forget all of my worries and makes them fade away forever,
Green is, after all green.

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