Melbourne Zoo

I sat down on the bus seat, my little prep buddy Oscar asking me many questions about our exciting day ahead. All of the year six buddies and their preps were heading to the Royal Melbourne Zoo for an excursion. It was set to be a hot day ahead on Friday the on the 11th of November, being the day of Remembrance Day. The buddies were so excited and filled with endless questions about the day ahead.

As we set off, my buddy and I talked about the exciting things to see at the zoo. Oscar was so excited and couldn’t wait to see all of the animals at the zoo. As soon as we arrived, we ate some play lunch and were ready to set off in our prepared groups. Oscar and I were put into Nicole’s group but we were shared with Rebecca’s group. The first exciting thing we saw was the big cats, including the lions, hyenas and tigers. We moved around to the penguins and seals. We skipped around to many other animals after that.  Oscar and I were soon exhausted because of the heat and our feet, aching in pain.

Some key points I remember during the day was the Butterfly House – which we both enjoyed, the reptiles and frogs – which were wacky and weird, the elephants and Baby Mali and many others. My favourite event was seeing baby Mali and the reptiles. Baby Mali was adorable and I had never got to see her in real life. The reptiles were very enjoyable because they it was an underground area with red lights which made it

All in all, everybody had a wonderful look very interesting. Oscar’s favourites were also the reptiles, the frogs and the butterflies. He thought that they looked very cool. It was a wonderful day and there was much too see and enjoy.

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