Shipwreck Coast Camp: Rock Pooling

As I put my rock pooling shoes on, I excitment fill my body. I was in my cabin with my cabinmates Megan, Caitlin and Lucy. We chattered constantly about the events ahead of us. It was the 24th of November, the second day of our camp in Warrnambool. After we had finished our delicious breakfast, the bus took us to Pea Soup Beach, near the Flagstaff Mesuem we visited the day before.

When we got off the bus, we met up with our guide Marge. She explained to us some of the few animals that share the sea as their home and what we might find during our time at Pea Soup.They included sea crabs, sea stars, anemonys and simular animals like that. Everyone soon started running off to the rock pools, Caitlin and I splashing about in the shallow sea. As we walked across the rocks, we had our eyes peeled for little critters living about the area. Quickly enough, people were lifting rocks and calling others to inspect their findings.

Caitlin and I had found many crabs, ranging from various sizes. We had also found the backbones of cuttlefish and many sea anemones. The thing that amazed me was when anemones eat, they turn their stomachs inside out, so when you try to touch their stomachs (when, of course, their stomach is not flipped inside out), they try to pull your finger in as if it’s food.

Over all, we had a fun and exciting morning, with everybody learning a thing or two.

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