The Loch Ard Gorge Disaster

I firmly stood there, dug into the sea sand beneath me. I loved my life. Even though I’m a huge boulder in the sea, I love standing in the middle of the sea, relaxing and watching life go by in this wonderful environment. The sun was setting. Oh, it was a beautiful sight. Rays of red and orange filled the marvelous sky. It had been a long day and the moment was just so relaxing.

As I was snoozing off, I felt strong vibrations under the water. I had heard gossip from under the sea that a big ship named the Loch Ard was coming our way. I felt  jitters of excitements fill my but at the same time anxiousness as well. I decided not to think about it. I was soon asleep.

I was awaken with a shock. Huge waves were hitting against me. I was clueless and wanted to know what was going on. I looked up. Horror filled me, that same ship I had heard gossip about. I wanted to check though, if it was the Loch Ard. By almighty, it was! I had heard so much about this victorious ship and now the thought of it crashing straight into me, a poor innocent rock. I was born attached to the mainland. It has taken me millions and millions of years to became of what I am today. And to be destroyed by this ?! It just wasn’t fair. The ship seemed to have no control of itself. It was heading straight for me and the Victorian shore. I started to think of my possibilities.
And then it happened…

I felt the pressure of the ship push against me. Oh, it was awful! I saw my life flash before my eyes. Soon enough, I saw parts of the Loch Ard breaking off, sinking to the sand, remains to be lost forever. After a torturing 30 mins, I felt the ship release from my ached self. The Loch Ard was shipwrecked, but then I realised, I was still alive! I felt awfully sorry for the Loch Ard but I couldn’t believe it, I had survived the shipwreck. The only survivors from the ship were the couple from the Loch Ard, Tom Pierce and Eve Carmichael. Te last I saw of them was when they joyfully landed on the shore.

Well, here I am, still in the same spot for nearly 200 years  since the shipwreck of the mighty Loch Ard, but me, safe and sound with only the bit of rock that fell out during the shipwreck but other than that, I’ll live (hopefully forever).

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