Met Challenge Reflection

As all of the 5/6’s met up down at the multi-purpose room in preparation for the annual 5-6 Met Challenge 2011. Many happy and excited faces were seen as we all set up into our teams we would be spending the entire with. With our routes, timetables and questions given and ready, Caitlin, Zoe, Sofia, Imogen and I were ready to head out, around Melbourne to answer the given questions that we would have to work out as a team. Paul, Caitlin’s dad was to be our parent helper for the day. Our group identity was soon chosen, we named ourselves Team Late.

At 9:30am, Mrs. Hall yelled ‘GO!’ and everyone was rushing off. Some people caught the bus and trams and some people just walked. It was interesting to see the different routes groups took. The seven destinations we were told to visit were Queens Park (Moonee Ponds), Moonee P0nds Junction, Union Road (Ascot Vale), the Showgrounds, Flemington Racecourse, Essendon Cricket Ground and Westfield Shopping Centre (Airport West). Our group started from the closest location (Moonee Ponds) and then worked from the furthest stop. During our time, we were allowed to get a drink and an ice-cream so our group brought a Slurpee and a Maccas Sundae.

To collect points, we had to answer questions about the location, history and the famous facts about each of the places. We also got points for for using the three Metro transports; the bus, tram and train. Extra points were awarded for taking photos of certain things including churches, old Herbies (which, surprisingly we found), fountains and many more.

Our group name was originally created because of the thought of being late. But we were proven wrong as we were one of the earliest teams to have completed all of the tasks.

Overall, everyone enjoyed the day despite the great heat slowing us down a bit. Other than that, it was a good day and now we’re just eager to know who the winner is.

Edna 5-6B. 

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