Colour Poem

During the coarse of last week, we were asked to write a poem on a colour.  I chose the colour green as we had the freedom to chose a colour of our choice. This poem was a little challenging at the start because it was hard finding the right words to fit in with the subject, but in the end, I manage to come up with completed poem about green.

Green is humble to the soul,
Green is the colour that makes a whole,
Green is the sunshine in someone’s heart,
Green is the colour that’ll never tear us apart,
Green tastes like the sweetest of green apples,
Green smells like the grass just cut on a grassy plain,
Green sounds like the chirping of birds in the forest,
Green feels like our world at peace,
Green looks like the most humble of all colours,
Green makes me forget all of my worries and makes them fade away forever,
Green is, after all green.

Six Room Image Poetry Process

During the course of the week, we focused on writing a poem using the 6 Room Image Poetry Process.  I think that this way of writing poems was really helpful with the ideas and the some core things you can have in your poem to make it stronger. There are six imaginative rooms that slowly lead you to writing a great poem. This is the structure and the final product of my poem:

Room 1- Photograph/Image

Under the sea

under the sea

Room 2- Lighting

a blue area with the slightest patches of light

Room 3- Sound

a peaceful yet deadly silence, I hear nothing but my own breathing

Room 4- Question
Why am I contraped in this beautiful yet mysterious underworld?   Why, why, why am I here?

Room 5- Your feelings

I feel curious and amazed at the same time

Room 6- Three words/phrases that you must have in your poem

Why, why, why

Under the Sea
I’m floating,
In silence,
Like I’m floating in space,
In a blue world of sea,
With the slightest patches of light before me,
It’s a peaceful yet deadly silence,
I hear nothing but my own breathing,
I ask myself,
Why, why, why am I here?
Can’t I go back to our real world,
I don’t know what to feel,
Curiousity is biting me away,
But amazement makes me want to stay,
Why am I contrapped in this beautiful yet mysterious underworld?
I have so many questions to answer,
I am clueless to this world under us,
I see a few fish,
Lazily swimming around,
But, something is interfering with my view,
Bubbles from my oxygen mask,
Floating up,
As if they are trying to escape,
Escape from Under the Sea.

Word Scramble

We have begun to dig deeper into literacy topic poetry and we are now focusing on our spacing and pauses between our lines. We were given the task to use coloured paper to write words under the following headings  (each colour being a different heading); nouns, adjectives, verbs, prepositions, colours, short words and endings. We were to choose one or two of each colour and to create a poem of it. We first did a poem without the spacing but did another one with it.  You will now see why it is important to have spacing between your lines as it changes the way you say your poem. Eliza and I worked together to create our poems and we confident with our task.

Poem without spacing:

The owl’s greet her over green.

Poem with spacing:

Green’s inconsiderate talk,
Over interesting Grey,
Annoyed him red,
Think soft say he,
Push hard.

Term 4 Project-Poem: First Write

This term, we are doing our intergrated unit on the enviroment but our literacy topic poetry is going to tie in. At the end of term, we are expected to write a poem on the environment.

Here is my first write (the writing we do at the start of the term to see where we’re at. At the end of the term, we do a final write to see how much we have improved on):

Look after the enviroment,
Keep our world clean,
Look after the enviroment,
Keep Australia green,
Things we use each day,
Add to earth’s pollution,
Recycling our own waste,
A friendly world solution.

Carbon tax, carbon tax,

An ugly thing in this world,

Recycle our own waste,

Before we all suffer,

Of the bad thing we call CARBON TAX,

Never have we experienced this horror,

The horrible waste from our industries,

A complication of the generation,

X-rays of the world in the future we’ll show.