Met Challenge Reflection

As all of the 5/6’s met up down at the multi-purpose room in preparation for the annual 5-6 Met Challenge 2011. Many happy and excited faces were seen as we all set up into our teams we would be spending the entire with. With our routes, timetables and questions given and ready, Caitlin, Zoe, Sofia, Imogen and I were ready to head out, around Melbourne to answer the given questions that we would have to work out as a team. Paul, Caitlin’s dad was to be our parent helper for the day. Our group identity was soon chosen, we named ourselves Team Late.

At 9:30am, Mrs. Hall yelled ‘GO!’ and everyone was rushing off. Some people caught the bus and trams and some people just walked. It was interesting to see the different routes groups took. The seven destinations we were told to visit were Queens Park (Moonee Ponds), Moonee P0nds Junction, Union Road (Ascot Vale), the Showgrounds, Flemington Racecourse, Essendon Cricket Ground and Westfield Shopping Centre (Airport West). Our group started from the closest location (Moonee Ponds) and then worked from the furthest stop. During our time, we were allowed to get a drink and an ice-cream so our group brought a Slurpee and a Maccas Sundae.

To collect points, we had to answer questions about the location, history and the famous facts about each of the places. We also got points for for using the three Metro transports; the bus, tram and train. Extra points were awarded for taking photos of certain things including churches, old Herbies (which, surprisingly we found), fountains and many more.

Our group name was originally created because of the thought of being late. But we were proven wrong as we were one of the earliest teams to have completed all of the tasks.

Overall, everyone enjoyed the day despite the great heat slowing us down a bit. Other than that, it was a good day and now we’re just eager to know who the winner is.

Edna 5-6B. 

Gradaution Speech

Since the moment I arrived at this school, I knew that there would be long-lasting friends and memories that would be engraved in my heart forever. The year six’s in 2011 have been absolutely amazing. We have achieved so much over the year. We have created great friendships, some who will slowly drift away and some that will never break apart no matter the distance between us.

Saying good-bye isn’t a bad thing, it’s the way of saying we’ll meet again. It’s the way of saying that you are moving on and stepping up to the next level of life, high school. I would like to say thank-you, to everyone, who helped me extend my learning emensly, who have helped me become more confident for my future. Without the teachers, the students and even this school, I wouldn’t be what I am today. You have helped me lift myself to a better person. So, thanks you.

The teachers this year have helped so much, in their own unique ways. They have contributed to my education and I am very grateful for that. My friends have been there whenever I needed them and they have supported me throughout the year. Even though I’ve only been here for a year, I have created so much memories that I feel I’ve been here since prep.

I’m sad to say good-bye to my friends and the some of the times we’ve had throughout primary school (from this school and my past schools) but on the other hand, I’m excited for the road up ahead. Good luck to everyone in the future.

Edna 5 /6B.

Shipwreck Coast Camp: Rock Pooling

As I put my rock pooling shoes on, I excitment fill my body. I was in my cabin with my cabinmates Megan, Caitlin and Lucy. We chattered constantly about the events ahead of us. It was the 24th of November, the second day of our camp in Warrnambool. After we had finished our delicious breakfast, the bus took us to Pea Soup Beach, near the Flagstaff Mesuem we visited the day before.

When we got off the bus, we met up with our guide Marge. She explained to us some of the few animals that share the sea as their home and what we might find during our time at Pea Soup.They included sea crabs, sea stars, anemonys and simular animals like that. Everyone soon started running off to the rock pools, Caitlin and I splashing about in the shallow sea. As we walked across the rocks, we had our eyes peeled for little critters living about the area. Quickly enough, people were lifting rocks and calling others to inspect their findings.

Caitlin and I had found many crabs, ranging from various sizes. We had also found the backbones of cuttlefish and many sea anemones. The thing that amazed me was when anemones eat, they turn their stomachs inside out, so when you try to touch their stomachs (when, of course, their stomach is not flipped inside out), they try to pull your finger in as if it’s food.

Over all, we had a fun and exciting morning, with everybody learning a thing or two.

Melbourne Zoo

I sat down on the bus seat, my little prep buddy Oscar asking me many questions about our exciting day ahead. All of the year six buddies and their preps were heading to the Royal Melbourne Zoo for an excursion. It was set to be a hot day ahead on Friday the on the 11th of November, being the day of Remembrance Day. The buddies were so excited and filled with endless questions about the day ahead.

As we set off, my buddy and I talked about the exciting things to see at the zoo. Oscar was so excited and couldn’t wait to see all of the animals at the zoo. As soon as we arrived, we ate some play lunch and were ready to set off in our prepared groups. Oscar and I were put into Nicole’s group but we were shared with Rebecca’s group. The first exciting thing we saw was the big cats, including the lions, hyenas and tigers. We moved around to the penguins and seals. We skipped around to many other animals after that.  Oscar and I were soon exhausted because of the heat and our feet, aching in pain.

Some key points I remember during the day was the Butterfly House – which we both enjoyed, the reptiles and frogs – which were wacky and weird, the elephants and Baby Mali and many others. My favourite event was seeing baby Mali and the reptiles. Baby Mali was adorable and I had never got to see her in real life. The reptiles were very enjoyable because they it was an underground area with red lights which made it

All in all, everybody had a wonderful look very interesting. Oscar’s favourites were also the reptiles, the frogs and the butterflies. He thought that they looked very cool. It was a wonderful day and there was much too see and enjoy.

Term 3 Project

During the course of last term, everyone were determined to master a project on an area of exploration. After decieding for a long time, I chose to do a very unusual part in this field as I was in great interest of it. I worked officiantly and was amazed by the facts, discoveries and actions that have taken part in this area of exploration. This so called “short, sharp and sweet” project was assigned later in the term and was much shorter than expected as if time flew by as the days went on. We were assessed on our Word Document- that was to be handed in, and our presentation for bonus points.

Medical exploration has been one of the greatest fields of exploration both in a good and bad way. In the past, there has been many unethical behaviors in order to gain more profits, benefits and money. This has a big impact for the medical researchers as alternative medicine ties in with it. Alternative medicine and mainsteam medicine have began great conflicts whether or not alternative medicine has enough scientific proof for it to be called a way of healing. But, at the top of the list, the stakeholders of the medical reseachers are pulled together by different forces; some to learn, some to gain profits and some to get cures. These three areas of medical exploration were the baseof my questions; as we had 3 questions from our question matrix done prior to the project.

I felt very happy with my assignment and what I had in it. I felt confident with my information and resources. The only aspect I could have improved on was my presentation as I felt that it wasn’t rehersed enough. I could have improved it by practising at home in front of my family for the reason of getting used to talking to an audience.

During this project, I felt I learnt many facts, understood many things but was left with many questions. A few major facts I gained were that the stakeholders of the researches play one of the biggest roles in the discoveries. I also learnt that the pharmaceutical industries do a lot of unethical business as they are more interested in profit than in healing. Another fact I gained was that exploration is lead by different forces such as fame, curiousity, passion etc.

A couple of things I now understand that the alternative medicine is relied on traditions and culteral beliefs to heal. I also understand that in modern times it matters in the amount of money you have not how sick you are.

Lastly, this project left me wondering about why we won’t go back to the original, humane idea of medical exploration which is just simply to do good and heal.

To see my  full project, go to my Term 3 Project page.

Sue DeGennaro, one of a kind

On the 30th of August, as a part of Book Week, MPCS welcomed the great illustrator Sue DeGennaro! It was a fantastic experience and I enjoyed it very much. It was set to be in the Multi-Purpose Room at 10am and she was going to be talking about the illustrations of her books. Due to it being Book Week at the time, it was  perfect for the event to have taken place. She talked about many things, her passion, her ideas and mostly, her drawings. She gave us

Edna 1

an experience of drawing in a spectacular Drawing Session, despite the fact that it was a little bit rushed and not drawn precisly.

Her book Button Boy was the star of the session. From the book, we were asked to draw Button Boy and Grandma Wooly, some odd looking characters.  I felt very excited during her visit and felt like I learnt a lot from her drawings. She talked about her life as a teen and how she got to be a professional illustrator. She explained to us the details needed to draw a character like shadows, actions and facial expresions. The way she uses her style is amazing as she uses collage and recycled objects to create her drawings. She uses light colours like pale greens, reds and yellows. I was impressed with the way she used her materials and objects to create the illustrations she has.

The DrEdna 2awing Session we had was much fun! We learnt to draw the characters from the book Button Boy. Some other books she illustrated were The Tommorow Book, The Princess and the Packet of Peas, The Vegetable Ark and The Smartest Dog of All. We were asked to draw Button Boy and Grandma Wooly. It was awesome!

By Edna 5-6B 🙂


Round 2: Meee! vs. The Peasants

The 12th of August, at the home ground of the Meee!’s, the Peasants arrived ready to play. The game was a nail-biter with the mighty Meee’s winning by only 13 points! Dean Cox was in store for one of his best games, scoring a massive 41 hit outs!! Nick Dal Santo and Kyle Riemers  did some ‘okay’ game. But unfortunately, Tom Bellchambers played horribly below his average, scoring a big fat zero!!! The day was set to be a perfect, sunny day and it was said perfectly! The game turned to be perfect!!!!

China Town Reflection

On the 22nd of July 2011, the 5/6’s of MPCS went to China Town in Melbourne as a part of our inergrated unit, a World of Difference. We did various activities such as a tour of the Chinese Mesuem, experiencing some great Chinese food and learning about the way the Chinese lived.

Everyone gained knowledge from this great experience. We learnt about the traditions, foods and the impact the Chinese have on Australian history. The Chinese had many traditions like foot binding. It is where they sooth the feet and then break the arch of the foot. They wrap it around with bandages and they are kept like that for the rest of your life. It is to show beauty and to show that you are allowed to get married (you would have to have your feet binded to get married).  It was an exciting time and I learnt about the life of the Chinese a long time ago.

I felt that I learnt many things from the day. Some major facts I learnt were that the Chinese played a big part in Australia’s history and the Gold Rush. I also learnt that men were only allowed perform in theatres. I also learnt that the Chinese dragon is a great guardian to the Chinese. Some understandings I learnt were that the Australians were very racist to the Chinese when they first came to Victoria. Also that the Chinese is very big on religions and traditions like some other Asian countries. This day left me wondering did the Chinese do much trade or business with other Asian countries.

The Swimming Carnival

On the 3rd of March, MPCS had its first major sporting event of the year, our annual Swimming Carnival.It was an amazing first experience for me . Everything went on schedule and and everyone tried their best.

There were different events for all ages,from individual races to team relays and there were the three famous first, second and third. The members of the four battling teams ( Chisholm, McArthur, Lawson and Banks) worked together and tried their absolute best. At the end of the day, Chisholm was the winner of the houses, Banks Came second, McArthur third and Lawson came fourth.

The forecast was set to be cold and wet and was promised to only get worse. The pool was an outside one and it was freezing when you got into it. Although the pool and breeze were freezing, everyone fought the cold.

I, myself participated in 3 events. They were the 100m Girls Open Freestyle, the 50m Breastroke and the Kickboarding Relay. I came seventh in the Freestyle, fourth in the Breastroke and my team of four came last in the Kickboard relay. I think that I did a good job with my swimming. I cheered my team and my sister on.

The Swimming Carnival turned out to be great and everyone tried their hardest, despite the fight of the weather. When coming back to the school, you could see from afar, the MPCS students walking tall and strong with colored ribbons clinging from their chests.