Met Challenge Reflection

As all of the 5/6’s met up down at the multi-purpose room in preparation for the annual 5-6 Met Challenge 2011. Many happy and excited faces were seen as we all set up into our teams we would be spending the entire with. With our routes, timetables and questions given and ready, Caitlin, Zoe, Sofia, Imogen and I were ready to head out, around Melbourne to answer the given questions that we would have to work out as a team. Paul, Caitlin’s dad was to be our parent helper for the day. Our group identity was soon chosen, we named ourselves Team Late.

At 9:30am, Mrs. Hall yelled ‘GO!’ and everyone was rushing off. Some people caught the bus and trams and some people just walked. It was interesting to see the different routes groups took. The seven destinations we were told to visit were Queens Park (Moonee Ponds), Moonee P0nds Junction, Union Road (Ascot Vale), the Showgrounds, Flemington Racecourse, Essendon Cricket Ground and Westfield Shopping Centre (Airport West). Our group started from the closest location (Moonee Ponds) and then worked from the furthest stop. During our time, we were allowed to get a drink and an ice-cream so our group brought a Slurpee and a Maccas Sundae.

To collect points, we had to answer questions about the location, history and the famous facts about each of the places. We also got points for for using the three Metro transports; the bus, tram and train. Extra points were awarded for taking photos of certain things including churches, old Herbies (which, surprisingly we found), fountains and many more.

Our group name was originally created because of the thought of being late. But we were proven wrong as we were one of the earliest teams to have completed all of the tasks.

Overall, everyone enjoyed the day despite the great heat slowing us down a bit. Other than that, it was a good day and now we’re just eager to know who the winner is.

Edna 5-6B. 

Gradaution Speech

Since the moment I arrived at this school, I knew that there would be long-lasting friends and memories that would be engraved in my heart forever. The year six’s in 2011 have been absolutely amazing. We have achieved so much over the year. We have created great friendships, some who will slowly drift away and some that will never break apart no matter the distance between us.

Saying good-bye isn’t a bad thing, it’s the way of saying we’ll meet again. It’s the way of saying that you are moving on and stepping up to the next level of life, high school. I would like to say thank-you, to everyone, who helped me extend my learning emensly, who have helped me become more confident for my future. Without the teachers, the students and even this school, I wouldn’t be what I am today. You have helped me lift myself to a better person. So, thanks you.

The teachers this year have helped so much, in their own unique ways. They have contributed to my education and I am very grateful for that. My friends have been there whenever I needed them and they have supported me throughout the year. Even though I’ve only been here for a year, I have created so much memories that I feel I’ve been here since prep.

I’m sad to say good-bye to my friends and the some of the times we’ve had throughout primary school (from this school and my past schools) but on the other hand, I’m excited for the road up ahead. Good luck to everyone in the future.

Edna 5 /6B.

Maths Reflection for Semester 2

This year, I set a goal to improve on my algebra. I believe that I have achieved this goal very well. Some of the many things I’ve learnt are to solve an equation with more than one unknown value. e.g.
3D + 2d = 32kg  –>you turn one of the unknown into the same number.
4D + 3d = 44kg                  which means that it’s  9D + 6d = 96kg
__________________________________-8D – 6d = -88kg —> you subtract the equations from each other, turning the second one into negatives.
___________________________________1D            = 8kg.
You now focus on the second sum which is 4D + 3d = 44kg. You solve it by :
(4×8) + 3d = 44kg
=32 + 3d = 44kg.
You then subtract the two given values like a normal algebraic equation:
32 + 3d = 44kg
3d =44 – 32
3d = 12  —> because you want to find out what 1d is, you divide the 12 by three. That gives you 4.
Your two formulas for the sum are:
1D = 8kg
1d = 4kg
Another thing I learnt was to find the number of degrees in each angle of a polygon. The formula to that is:
(n-2) x 180 —> ‘n’ being the number of sides in the polygon.
I found this very interesting because finding the angle to more complex polygons like octagons and heptagons. Because of these shapes finding the exact number of degrees in the shape is a lot more complicated than the simpler shapes.

Shipwreck Coast Camp: Rock Pooling

As I put my rock pooling shoes on, I excitment fill my body. I was in my cabin with my cabinmates Megan, Caitlin and Lucy. We chattered constantly about the events ahead of us. It was the 24th of November, the second day of our camp in Warrnambool. After we had finished our delicious breakfast, the bus took us to Pea Soup Beach, near the Flagstaff Mesuem we visited the day before.

When we got off the bus, we met up with our guide Marge. She explained to us some of the few animals that share the sea as their home and what we might find during our time at Pea Soup.They included sea crabs, sea stars, anemonys and simular animals like that. Everyone soon started running off to the rock pools, Caitlin and I splashing about in the shallow sea. As we walked across the rocks, we had our eyes peeled for little critters living about the area. Quickly enough, people were lifting rocks and calling others to inspect their findings.

Caitlin and I had found many crabs, ranging from various sizes. We had also found the backbones of cuttlefish and many sea anemones. The thing that amazed me was when anemones eat, they turn their stomachs inside out, so when you try to touch their stomachs (when, of course, their stomach is not flipped inside out), they try to pull your finger in as if it’s food.

Over all, we had a fun and exciting morning, with everybody learning a thing or two.

Melbourne Zoo

I sat down on the bus seat, my little prep buddy Oscar asking me many questions about our exciting day ahead. All of the year six buddies and their preps were heading to the Royal Melbourne Zoo for an excursion. It was set to be a hot day ahead on Friday the on the 11th of November, being the day of Remembrance Day. The buddies were so excited and filled with endless questions about the day ahead.

As we set off, my buddy and I talked about the exciting things to see at the zoo. Oscar was so excited and couldn’t wait to see all of the animals at the zoo. As soon as we arrived, we ate some play lunch and were ready to set off in our prepared groups. Oscar and I were put into Nicole’s group but we were shared with Rebecca’s group. The first exciting thing we saw was the big cats, including the lions, hyenas and tigers. We moved around to the penguins and seals. We skipped around to many other animals after that.  Oscar and I were soon exhausted because of the heat and our feet, aching in pain.

Some key points I remember during the day was the Butterfly House – which we both enjoyed, the reptiles and frogs – which were wacky and weird, the elephants and Baby Mali and many others. My favourite event was seeing baby Mali and the reptiles. Baby Mali was adorable and I had never got to see her in real life. The reptiles were very enjoyable because they it was an underground area with red lights which made it

All in all, everybody had a wonderful look very interesting. Oscar’s favourites were also the reptiles, the frogs and the butterflies. He thought that they looked very cool. It was a wonderful day and there was much too see and enjoy.

Watermelon Juice May Be Next “Green” Fuel

During the coarse of last week, our class read four articles from the Our Cool Schools website. We were told to write a reflection on one of the four. The article that amazed me was about watermelon juice being the next green fuel. The reason why I chose article was that the whole idea surprised me and that the suggestion would actually help unwanted fruits and that we would have less fruit waste.

It started as a U.S government study being that the juice from unwanted watermelons could be the new source for producing bio fuel ethanol. Each year, one fifth of watermelons are grown with odd shapes and scarred rinds which displeases the consumers of the supermarket. So, the farmers have no choice but to leave the rejected melons on the vines to rot away. When some university students were experimenting with the juice, they discovered that there is a stream of sugary fluids in the watermelons that could be a new source of ethanol.

While reading this article, some major facts I learnt were that watermelon juice could actually be the next bio fuel. Another fact I learnt was that the sugary fluids in the watermelons could be the source to new ethanol. Also, one fifth of the watermelons grown every year are rejected by customers at the supermarkets.

Some understandings I now have are that people judge the watermelon’s  look and are put off  just because they are odd-shaped or something like that. Another understanding I gained was that because the customers are put off from the watermelons, they are left on their vines to rot away.


Lastly, this article left me wondering if any other unwanted fruits like the watermelons may be turned into bio fuel.