Memories of a family member

Dear diary,
Today I’m bored so I’m going to write to you about the memories of my sister. She is a funny, cute little but get’s the urge to be the most annoying thing in the world. I remember her when she was a baby, with the biggest, chubbiest cheeks ever!! Her younger years were one of the best as when she got older, she became an attention-seeker and a show-off.

When she was young, she was always cracking people up. She used to bite and pinch me all the time. She got an ear infection when she was three and that felt absolutely terrible for her. Luckily, she received a small operation to cure it. We would go to pools and beaches together and would go to Wet n Wild for her birthday!

As she got older she is more into being ‘cool’. She annoys me all the time and argue all the time.

Spelling Story no.5

“Can you not create clashes when I speak?” asked my maths teacher to a student in class. Mrs. Galoshes was the blabbering, old lady in the school that annoys the living daylights out of someone. She goes on and on…
“The ashes of the fishes gushes through the town,” she says as she reads a so-called poem. As soon as she finishes her class, the students wishes come true! They celebrate and make splashes of crashed dishes. They pull out our growing radishes and they pull out the hair of the brushes.
Then comes Mrs. Dashes, the meanest teacher of them all! Judging from her name, she is our grammar/punctuation teacher. She embarrases us and makes us blush. She then calls us the Blushes of grade 7M. It is horrible!! We kids at Blake Holsey high suffer everyday. We need someones help or god knows what will happen next.
To be continued…