Term 4 Project-Poem: First Write

This term, we are doing our intergrated unit on the enviroment but our literacy topic poetry is going to tie in. At the end of term, we are expected to write a poem on the environment.

Here is my first write (the writing we do at the start of the term to see where we’re at. At the end of the term, we do a final write to see how much we have improved on):

Look after the enviroment,
Keep our world clean,
Look after the enviroment,
Keep Australia green,
Things we use each day,
Add to earth’s pollution,
Recycling our own waste,
A friendly world solution.

Carbon tax, carbon tax,

An ugly thing in this world,

Recycle our own waste,

Before we all suffer,

Of the bad thing we call CARBON TAX,

Never have we experienced this horror,

The horrible waste from our industries,

A complication of the generation,

X-rays of the world in the future we’ll show.

Term 3 Project

During the course of last term, everyone were determined to master a project on an area of exploration. After decieding for a long time, I chose to do a very unusual part in this field as I was in great interest of it. I worked officiantly and was amazed by the facts, discoveries and actions that have taken part in this area of exploration. This so called “short, sharp and sweet” project was assigned later in the term and was much shorter than expected as if time flew by as the days went on. We were assessed on our Word Document- that was to be handed in, and our presentation for bonus points.

Medical exploration has been one of the greatest fields of exploration both in a good and bad way. In the past, there has been many unethical behaviors in order to gain more profits, benefits and money. This has a big impact for the medical researchers as alternative medicine ties in with it. Alternative medicine and mainsteam medicine have began great conflicts whether or not alternative medicine has enough scientific proof for it to be called a way of healing. But, at the top of the list, the stakeholders of the medical reseachers are pulled together by different forces; some to learn, some to gain profits and some to get cures. These three areas of medical exploration were the baseof my questions; as we had 3 questions from our question matrix done prior to the project.

I felt very happy with my assignment and what I had in it. I felt confident with my information and resources. The only aspect I could have improved on was my presentation as I felt that it wasn’t rehersed enough. I could have improved it by practising at home in front of my family for the reason of getting used to talking to an audience.

During this project, I felt I learnt many facts, understood many things but was left with many questions. A few major facts I gained were that the stakeholders of the researches play one of the biggest roles in the discoveries. I also learnt that the pharmaceutical industries do a lot of unethical business as they are more interested in profit than in healing. Another fact I gained was that exploration is lead by different forces such as fame, curiousity, passion etc.

A couple of things I now understand that the alternative medicine is relied on traditions and culteral beliefs to heal. I also understand that in modern times it matters in the amount of money you have not how sick you are.

Lastly, this project left me wondering about why we won’t go back to the original, humane idea of medical exploration which is just simply to do good and heal.

To see my  full project, go to my Term 3 Project page.

Memories of a family member

Dear diary,
Today I’m bored so I’m going to write to you about the memories of my sister. She is a funny, cute little but get’s the urge to be the most annoying thing in the world. I remember her when she was a baby, with the biggest, chubbiest cheeks ever!! Her younger years were one of the best as when she got older, she became an attention-seeker and a show-off.

When she was young, she was always cracking people up. She used to bite and pinch me all the time. She got an ear infection when she was three and that felt absolutely terrible for her. Luckily, she received a small operation to cure it. We would go to pools and beaches together and would go to Wet n Wild for her birthday!

As she got older she is more into being ‘cool’. She annoys me all the time and argue all the time.

Spelling Story no.5

“Can you not create clashes when I speak?” asked my maths teacher to a student in class. Mrs. Galoshes was the blabbering, old lady in the school that annoys the living daylights out of someone. She goes on and on…
“The ashes of the fishes gushes through the town,” she says as she reads a so-called poem. As soon as she finishes her class, the students wishes come true! They celebrate and make splashes of crashed dishes. They pull out our growing radishes and they pull out the hair of the brushes.
Then comes Mrs. Dashes, the meanest teacher of them all! Judging from her name, she is our grammar/punctuation teacher. She embarrases us and makes us blush. She then calls us the Blushes of grade 7M. It is horrible!! We kids at Blake Holsey high suffer everyday. We need someones help or god knows what will happen next.
To be continued…

Sue DeGennaro, one of a kind

On the 30th of August, as a part of Book Week, MPCS welcomed the great illustrator Sue DeGennaro! It was a fantastic experience and I enjoyed it very much. It was set to be in the Multi-Purpose Room at 10am and she was going to be talking about the illustrations of her books. Due to it being Book Week at the time, it was  perfect for the event to have taken place. She talked about many things, her passion, her ideas and mostly, her drawings. She gave us

Edna 1

an experience of drawing in a spectacular Drawing Session, despite the fact that it was a little bit rushed and not drawn precisly.

Her book Button Boy was the star of the session. From the book, we were asked to draw Button Boy and Grandma Wooly, some odd looking characters.  I felt very excited during her visit and felt like I learnt a lot from her drawings. She talked about her life as a teen and how she got to be a professional illustrator. She explained to us the details needed to draw a character like shadows, actions and facial expresions. The way she uses her style is amazing as she uses collage and recycled objects to create her drawings. She uses light colours like pale greens, reds and yellows. I was impressed with the way she used her materials and objects to create the illustrations she has.

The DrEdna 2awing Session we had was much fun! We learnt to draw the characters from the book Button Boy. Some other books she illustrated were The Tommorow Book, The Princess and the Packet of Peas, The Vegetable Ark and The Smartest Dog of All. We were asked to draw Button Boy and Grandma Wooly. It was awesome!

By Edna 5-6B 🙂


Unreal Footy: Round 5, Meee! vs. Aquaburst.

On this last week of the footy, the Meee’s set out to thrash the Aquaburst. The Meee’s final score for the round was an all right 130 points. The Aquaburst though scored          points. The crowd was big with nearly 90 000 people at the Aquaburst home ground. Barry Hall played his last game with 5 goals and 2 behinds. On the other hand, Luke Ball scored 0 goals and 0 hit outs. Leigh Montagna played well with 20 kicks and 10 handballs. Ben Hudson played with an okay score of 16 tackles. Everyone played well to the last game of the season!

Unreal Footy: Round 4, Meee’s! vs. The All Stars

On the second last round of the footy, the Meee’s were set to have a smasher of a game with the crowd being up to 80 000 people, at the Meee’s home ground. But, the All Stars showed they really had potential to win this. The All Stars thrashed the Meee’s by 178 points! They all played well and the coach of the Meee’s said “I am a little disappointed that the Meee’s lost and I think they could of done much better. We have only won one game this season and next week is the last week. We have to step up.” Well let’s hope so as next week is the last week of the teams playing.

Unreal Footy: Round 3, Meee! vs. Essendon Legends

Round 3 of the mighty AFL, the Meee’s playing the Essendon Legends, a whopper of a game. it was held at the Essendon Legends home ground on the 19th of August. It was a smasher of a game with warm and sunny conditions. Unfortunetly, the Meee’s had lost to the Essendon Legends by a massive 63 points! Nick Dal Santo played an all right game with Barry Hall played poorly without a goal and without a behind. In the end, everyone played well and lets hope the Meee’s play a little well next week.

Round 2: Meee! vs. The Peasants

The 12th of August, at the home ground of the Meee!’s, the Peasants arrived ready to play. The game was a nail-biter with the mighty Meee’s winning by only 13 points! Dean Cox was in store for one of his best games, scoring a massive 41 hit outs!! Nick Dal Santo and Kyle Riemers  did some ‘okay’ game. But unfortunately, Tom Bellchambers played horribly below his average, scoring a big fat zero!!! The day was set to be a perfect, sunny day and it was said perfectly! The game turned to be perfect!!!!

Unreal Footy: Round 1, Meee! vs. Dimwal

On the 5th of August, a smasher of a game was on the way, unfortunately  with wet, rainy conditions. The mighty Meee!’s played Dimwal but unfortunately losing to the opposition. They thrashed the Meee!’s by a whopping 99 points but everyone played a great game.  Dean Cox played well with 21 hit outs but unfortunately Nick Riewoldt scored poorly without a goal and only one hit out.