Term 2 Project

We started this term’s project by exploring maps. We created own our version with a made up land. The idea was to be as real as possible, no pirate maps.

map Edna

This term, each member of my class researched a country in Asia. I chose to do Vietnam. I worked with great progress and was facinated by the facts and information of this country.

Vietnam is located in south-east Asia. It is home to nearly 90 million people and it is approximately one quarter of Australia. We were expected to explain the history, religions, foods and traditions of the country. We were told to present in a Microsoft Publisher Document with a minimum of four pages. Our information had to have an resonable picture-information layout.

I felt very confident with my information and how I layed it out. Although, I think I should spent more time on my speech and how I would talk about it to the class. I had been to Vietnam for a holiday, so that helped me a lot. I used prior knowledge to fill in most of my categories. I used photos from my experience and much of the information I gained in the country. I believe that I worked very well with my time and use of words in the document.

Some major facts I learnt were that the Vietnamese place a king cobra in their snake wine for good luck. I also learnt that the electrcity hanges over the ground. Thirdly, that the shape of the country is believed to be in the form of a dragon. I now understand that Vietnam tries to create a different taste in food than the rest of the countries by making it a mild taste. I also understand that the Vietnamese are a very religous group of people and that they have many beliefs and traditions. This  project left me wondering about the types of music and dance the have and use.

By Edna 5/6B.

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